Flora Flow


Modbus TCP industrial protocol support.

Flora Flow Programmable Culture Solution Mixing Unit is designed for mixing fertilizers by programmable protocols and to maintain proportions at set parameters. Used in Culture Flora Flow Kit 2.0 Solution Mixing System.


  • Automatic filling of the solution preparation tank
  • Control of squeeze pumps proportioning fertilizer to water tank
  • Control of clogging of fertilizer pipes
  • Monitoring with subsequent adjustment of TDS/EC and pН parameters of culture solution
  • Solution mixing
  • Solution cooling
  • Water/solution level monitoring in tanks
  • Control of feeding culture solution to watering tanks
  • Fertilizer level control in fertilizer tanks
  • Irrigation management (supply of culture solution to plants).
  • Drainage of solution tank

Base configuration:

Controller - 1 piece
Peristaltic pumps – 5 pieses
Blockage diagnostic sensor - 1 piece
pH Sensor - 1 piece
Conductivity, TDS/EC Sensor - 1 piece
Solution Temperature Sensor - 1 piece
Fluid Level Sensor - 2 pieces
Controller software
User Manual

Controller can control the following actuating equipment:

(this equipment is not included in complete set)

Fertilizer level sensors in fertilizer tanks - up to 5 pieces.
Pump for filling the tank, supplying the solution to the sampler, mixing the finished solution, watering and draining the solution - 1 pc.
Valve for refilling the irrigation tank - 1 piece
Valve for supplying solution to the sampler - 1 piece
Valve for irrigation - 1 piece
Valve for draining solution - 1 piece
Chiller for solution cooling – 1 piece

SCADA Equipment Performance Control System.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 400 х 300 х 170 mm

Weight: 4 kg

Operating voltage: 220 V

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