Flora Flow Kit 1.0 Automated Solution Unit Assembly


Modbus TCP industrial protocol support.

Flora Flow Kit Solution Unit provides for automatic culture solution conditioning from 3-component fertilizers in 60-liter parent tank (Solution Conditioning Tank) and feed to 120-liter Watering Tank. The Unit is a complete set and final solution. The Mixing Unit also provides for automatic water fill-up, solution feed, tank level monitoring and drainage into sewage system by “Refill” command.

Complete set:

Frame of aluminum section with notebook table.

Flora Flow Controller (with Touch-Screen) - 1 piece.

5 liter Flora Box Can, black - 5 pieces.

Hailea hc-100a Chiller for solution cooling - 1 piece.

60-liter Solution Conditioning Tank (for solution mixing) - 1 piece.

120-liter Watering Tank - 1 piece.

Set of Temperature, TDS/EC, pH Sensors - 2 pieces.

РОСМА СК-11-15 Solenoid Actuated Valves to feed and drain solution/water – 3 pieces.

Sampler with Water Temperature, TDS/EC Sensors – 1 piece.

Sampler with Water Temperature, TDS/EC, pH Sensors – 1 piece.

Socket Strip - 1 piece.

Hoses, fittings, connectors.

Controller software.


Aluminum Section.
SCADA Equipment Performance Control System.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 820 х 820 х 2,050 mm.

Weight: 25 kg.

Operating voltage: 220 V.

Consumed power: ** W.

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