9х2 Automated Growing Module

All actuated equipment is controlled with FLORA Series Controllers with Modbus ТСР industrial protocol support.

9х2 Automated Growing Module has two 15m² climate plant growing zones separated from a 7m² utilities zone with sealed transparent doors. 9х2 Module is designed for growing one or more plant cultures at similar climate and other conditions in each zone.

Complete set:
  • Closed insulated module of 100х100 aluminum section with a sealed and transparent entry door in the middle and two windows from façade on sides. The module is painted white and has Flora Space logo.
  • Ventilation inlets and outlets.
  • Bracket for fastening external air conditioner module.
  • Socket for external 3-phase power source.
  • Couplings to connect external water and sewage systems.
  • Flora Grow Salad Controllable Racks to grow salads and greens - 8 pieces (maximum number of slots – 2,304).
  • Flora Rack Salad Controller to control groups of racks - 2 pieces.
  • Flora Air Controller to control climate equipment (ventilation, air conditioning, heating, СО2, moistening) - 2 pieces.
  • 500-m³/hr Ventilation Unit, with air duct system - 2 pieces.
  • Channel Air Conditioner, with cooling capacity of 3 kW, and duct system - 2 pieces.
  • Infrared Heating System - 6 pieces.
  • 150-l/hr, Osmos Crause Water Purification System with 2 coarse filters - 1 piece.
  • 200-liter Stand-by Purified Water Food Grade Plastic Tank - 1 piece.
  • Flora Flow Kit Automated Fertigation Unit with Flora Flow Controller - 2 pieces.
  • 5-l/hr Flora Steam Membrane Steam Generator (10 US membranes), with piping - 2 pieces.
  • СО2 Feed System with one replaceable 20-liter Bottle – 2 pieces.
  • Electric Control Panel with phase automatic circuit-breakers and load indicators - 1 piece.
  • Automatic Switching System: electrical, ducting, water supply, water disposal.
  • Workstation with computer table – 1 piece.
  • Rinse with a tap – 1 piece.
  • Tool and Expendable Boxes and Racks
  • 4 x PS-Link WPN5X20HD Camera Video Surveillance System - 1 piece.
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Software with pre-installed salad and greens growing protocol.

The cost includes:
Guarantee maintenance of equipment and module structure - 1 year.
Technical support - 1 year.
One person training of module operating.

Additional windows.
Extended module.
Higher module.
Customized exterior finish.
SCADA Growing Protocol Control System.
Metal Base (Frame) to install the module on the surface.
Expendable materials (seeds, seedlings, baskets, plugs, fertilizers).
System for growing other cultures.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 х 2.65 х 2.5 m
Weight: 3 tonnes
Growing Work Zone Area: 7.5 m²
Utilities zone: 7 m².

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