Solution Conditioning Tank Assembly

Parent Tank for conditioning plant culture solution. The Tank allows for prevention of solution set parameter failure during simultaneous clean water feed and watering. The Tank is complete and ready for hook-up to Automated Fertilizer Proportioning System. The Tank is equipped with a pump for solution mixing, controlled valve for filtered water feed into the Tank and Ready Solution Overflow Valve to Storage Tank for watering, Sampler with Solution Temperature Monitoring Sensors, Conductivity Sensor, and Tank Fluid Level Sensor. The Tank is used in Flora Flow Kit 1.0 Automated Solution Unit
The Tank is supplied without Flora Flow Culture Solution Conditioning Controller.

Complete set:
60-l Tank - 1 piece.
Tank Cover - 1 piece.
Pump Screen - 1 piece.
Jilex Tugunok 110/8 Pump - 1 piece.
РОСМА СК-11-15 Solenoid Actuated Valve - 2 pieces.
Sampler with 2 valves for sensor maintenance - 1 piece.
Water Temperature Sensor - 1 piece.
TDS/ЕС Sensor - 1 piece.
Fluid Level Sensor - 1 piece.
Fittings, hoses, tap-ins, clamps for pump sleeves.
User Manual.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 х 400 х 320 mm.

Weight: 4 kg.

Capacity: 60 l.

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