Flora Rack Salad


Поддерживает промышленный протокол Modbus TCP.

Flora Rack Salad Controller controls a rack or a group of racks to grow salads and greens. The Controller controls frequency of feeding culture solution to plant trays, lighting and surface ventilation on/off frequency, as well as displays solution temperature, culture solution ЕС and pН.

Complete set:

Controller - 1 piece.

pH Sensor – 1 piece.

TDS/EC Conductivity Sensor – 1 piece.

Solution Temperature Sensor – 1 piece.

Tank Fluid Level Sensor - 2 pieces.

Controller software.

User Manual.

The Controller can control the following actuated equipment:

(this equipment is not included in complete set)

Pump for culture fluid feed to trays – up to 1 piece.

"Watering/Drainage" Flow Mode Switch Valve – up to 1 piece.

LED Lamps – 1 group.

Surface Plant Blow Plant Fans – 1 group.

Tank Solution Level Control Valve - 1 piece.

Solenoid-Operated Valve to control tank solution level.
SCADA equipment performance control system.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 252 х 162 х 100 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Operating voltage: 220 V

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