Flora Air


Modbus TCP industrial protocol support.

Flora Air Programmable Controller is designed for maintenance of climate and lighting parameters by preset plant growing protocols.

Flora Air Controller can sample up to 2 sets of Climate Sensors in two various points of growing premises.

Flora Air Controller can control a group of lamps with possible programmable variable lighting intensity and emission spectrum. The Controller can also record climate parameters with Sensors and enter recordings into database.

Complete set:

Controller Assembly - 1 piece

Air Temperature Sensor - 1 piece

Relative Humidity Sensor - 1 piece

СО2 Sensor - 1 piece

Lighting Sensor - 1 piece

Controller software

User Manual

Additional set of Sensors (air temperature, relative humidity, СО2, lighting).
SCADA Equipment Performance Control System.

The Controller can control the following actuated equipment:

(this equipment is not included in complete set)

Ventilation Unit - 1 piece.

Air Heater - 1 group of heaters.

Air Conditioner - 1 piece.

CO2 Bottle Regulator - 1 group of regulators.

LED Lamps – up to 4 groups with possible dimming or 1 group with possible dimming and spectrum change.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 252 х 162 х 100 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Operating voltage: 220 V

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