Flora Steam Automated Steam Generator

Flora Steam US Air Humidifier is designed for humidity maintenance within set range in up to 35-m2 premises with plants. Equipped with Membrane Vaporizer Submergence Control System to provide for stable performance, as well as with Tank Water Level Control and Safety Shutdown System in case of no water.

Complete set:

50-liter Sealed Tank with fittings to hook-up traces and Float for water feed regulation

Power Pack (220/48 V) with Fuse and Power Cord.

125-mm Ducts for air input and steam feed.

125-mm Axial Fan.

10 US Vaporizer.

INKBIRD Electronic Device for humidity monitoring – Smart Socket with humidity adjustment option.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 700 х 380 х 500 mm.

Weight: 6 kg.

Tank capacity: 50 l.

Duct size: 125 mm.

Operating voltage: 220 V.

Consumed power: ** W.

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