Flora Grow Salad Stand-Alone Growing Rack


Flora Grow Salad Grow Rack is ready for automated indoors growing of salads and greens and does not require additional installation and adjustment work.

Complete set:

Frame of aluminum section with variable number of shelves and spacing. Base configuration has 4 shelves. - 1 piece.

Plastic Trays (L x W x H: 1,350 х 6.50 х 80) – 4 pieces.

Tray Covers with 16, 25 or 36 slots - 8 pieces.

50-W MiniFermer Quantum Line LED Lamps - 8 pieces.

120-l Watering Tank Assembly with Jilex Tugunok 110/8 Pump, with hoses, piping and taps for manual flow control to each tray.

Plastic Pipes with direct solution feed and backflow to tank with mechanical filters.

Plastic Channel Wiring.

Surface Fans - 12 pieces.

Watering, Lighting and Ventilation Controller (Semiautomated).

User Manual.


Wheeled Trolley to move watering tank

Flora Rack Salad Controller for groups of programmable racks with Modbus TCP Protocol Controller.

SCADA Equipment Performance Control System (if Flora Rack Salad Controller available).


Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,400 х 700 х 2,400 mm

Weight: 30 kg

Operating voltage: 220 V

Peak demand, max: 650 W

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