About us

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Flora Space is the fifth project of my team in a 30-year period of creating a business from scratch and implementing it to large international companies and funds.

These projects include:

  • - MD-Seis / Petralians (seismic exploration, geophysics, modeling)
  • - Geostream (drilling, well workover, modeling)
  • - Inkonko / NIPI-R (engineering, programming, modeling)
  • - GridPoint Dynamics (programming, artificial intelligence)

Each project took an average of 7-10 years from the idea to the creation of a successful transparent company based on the impeccable reputation of its shareholders, key management, strict accounting and reporting.

We hope that the new project of Flora Space to create automated vertical farms will not only be commercially successful, but will also allow all its participants to take a step towards the future.


Our company is looking for partners to implement progressive ideas.

We are open for cooperation in many areas of activity, such as agriculture, development and production of "smart" equipment, information technology, including software development, we are also ready to work with scientific organizations in agronomy, land reclamation, plant growing, seed growing, vegetable growing , gardening, with enterprises and research institutes of the chemical and biochemical industry, that is, with everyone who is directly or even indirectly involved in the agro-industrial complex.


Write to us, we will definitely answer you.