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Автоматизированные вертикальные фермы и оборудование для выращивания

Автоматизированные вертикальные фермы и оборудование для выращивания

Turn-key solutions
Complete Turn-Key Modular Vertical Farms for entrepreneurs, green housing, urban solutions, ESG-projects and private plots.
Modules are manufactured in a broad spectrum of sizes, configurations, design solutions, automation levels, and are fully equipped with everything required for plant growing.
Flora Soil System provides for differentiated support medium humidity control and support (up to 4х2 slots), as well as for feeding solution to support medium (up to 4 slots) by individually preset humidity parameters.
Flora Air Programmable Controller is designed for maintenance of climate and lighting parameters by set plant growing protocols.

Flora Air Controller can sample up to two sets of climate Sensors in two various points of growing premises, as well as control a group of lamps with possible automatic controlled variable lighting intensity and emission spectrum.

Flora Flow Programmable Culture Solution Conditioning Unit is designed for mixing fertilizer by programmable protocols and for maintaining proportions at set parameters.
Flora Rack Controller controls a stack or a group for stacks to grow salads and greens. The Controller controls frequency of culture solution feeding to plant trays, regulates frequency of switching on/off lighting and surface ventilation, as well as displays solution temperature, and ЕС and pН culture solution.
We hope the your new project to create Automated Vertical Farms with Flora Space will become not only commercially viable, but will allow for all its participants to take a step towards the future.
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